A New Future for Soul Charger and the Author

Featured image is the work of Noah Bradley. All copyrights are those of the artist and Wizards of the Coast. Artist’s Website

Hey guys, what’s up! I know I just posted yesterday for my weekly Jojo review, but there’s been some changes and shake-ups recently that I feel you all should be made aware of, so let’s get to talking.

First of all, you’ve probably noticed a pretty sizable roll-back in the amount of content on the site. That’s for a number of reasons, the primary of which being my shift from a drifter summer between school hours to getting back into a regular work schedule. I’ve been bouncing between a few projects, haven’t really found a proper footing, but all of it is eating more of my free time, and since I write here on this blog for fun and not for pay, this has to take a back seat. I’ve made sure that I do at least one article a week, just to make sure that I’m doing something, but since I set out with a project of 30 articles for the 30th anniversary of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and, well, those are way easier to write than full critical works, they tend to take precedence over anything else. Don’t get me wrong: I do want to get back to more deep-dives and artistic work, or even just some movie reviews, but those take time and require me to spend money, so that’s a bigger project.

But that’s the small-fry stuff. Let’s move on to the big deal.

The real big news is that I’ve actually been contracted to start writing for money. Yep. After only writing for this blog for six months, I’m moving over to a paid position on another site, and that’s a dream come true. And I have all of you lovely people to thank for it. Sure, I have a backlog of writing of my own and on other “for experience” (barf) sites, but this one was the place where I got real engagement, where I had artists show me off, where my first outside contact reached a hand to me and said, “Hey, you wanna come do the same thing you do over there… but get paid over here?” It’s freaking amazing.

So what does this mean, in the long-run? Well, it means that I’d love for all of you to follow me over to my new home on Creators.Co and its affiliates like MoviePilot.com. Every view, like, comment and share means a million-fold over there, as you’re helping build my brand and telling my new editors that they’ve taken on something big, someone really worthwhile. You’re helping me sustain myself and energize to put out more content at a faster rate. I can be a vain creature, I’ll admit – but the energy I get, I put right back in, and I can’t wait to start pouring my heart and soul into more great work, taking a look at how movies and games tick, and leveling up into interviews with creators and artists like our pal NKN.

How will Soul Charger be affected? Well, I still plan to keep this old joy around, since it’s done me so well for such a short time. Right now, I’ll be moving a lot of the early work over to the new site to start an early groundswell – please consider following them over and sharing the new links. You can anticipate that new critical work will start on the Creators sites and then be retroactively moved here. The Jojo’s posts, however, as a Soul Charger-patented inception, will still be early-access on this site. I plan to start moving them over, as well, but there will probably still be a 1-2 day lead for the new posts as they go from Soul Charger over to Creators.co.

So once again, thanks to everyone for your tremendous support, and please consider coming along with me for the rest of the ride! I couldn’t have done it without you, and I look forward to so many more good times with you all!

Much love from the bottom of my heart!



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