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Hey there and welcome to my little corner of the internet! My name is Ben Hanig, and I’m a freelance writer, game designer, and critic living in Lincoln, Nebraska. On the weekdays, I teach Language Arts and Math to highly gifted students around the city and work at a bar on the weekends.

Soul Charger is my inception, just a little place for me to house the extra writings I wanted to do after breaking free from other sites that offered tight schedules and no pay (work for writers is hard, y’all!). Unfortunately that means I’m left to my own devices, which means a less-than-regular uploading, but I aim to always post top-quality content to the site!

If you’ve got a thought or some feedback, please feel free to drop a comment! If you’re kind enough to want to talk about putting my skills to work professionally, please see my Contact page for more information!


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