30 in 30: Battle Tendency

Ohhh yes, folks. I can't hide my excitement for this one! One of my all-time favorite arcs featuring one of my all-time favorite JoJos. So let's waste no more time and dive right into the run that turned me from passive viewer to zealous addict: this is Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency! Picking up nearly 50 … Continue reading 30 in 30: Battle Tendency


“Happiness Sporadic”: K.Flay’s “Every Where Is Some Where”

  So if you follow me on social media (which, chances are, knowing my readership, you probably do), you've likely seen me sharing a lot from the rock/rap artist, K.Flay. Now, me obsessing about a newly-discovered act is nothing new, especially when it's a weird genre-manipulator with a fresh album on the horizon. But Flay … Continue reading “Happiness Sporadic”: K.Flay’s “Every Where Is Some Where”

30 Years in 30 Posts – A Bizarre Overview

  By now, my immense adoration for (some may say "obsession with") the manga series, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and its creator, Hirohiko Araki, should come as no surprise. I've recently gone on a campaign of rolling back the buffers protecting my fanboy-side from the world, and Jojo was at the forefront of that movement. But the sad part … Continue reading 30 Years in 30 Posts – A Bizarre Overview