30 in 30: Jojolion

It's taken a couple of months, but we've finally gotten here, gang - we're caught up to the modern incarnation of Jojo, Jojolion! Continuing on in the re-imagined universe started by Steel Ball Run, we'll see how the weird can get even weirder as we encounter new versions of old friends, strange new powers in crazy tests of wits, … Continue reading 30 in 30: Jojolion


‘The Hero’: Toast to a Legacy

What does it mean to be an icon? How much must one achieve to be worthy of such a title? And when faced with one's own dawning mortality, is that all really worth anything, in the end? These are the kinds of questions posited by Brett Haley's latest film, The Hero. Our story follows Sam Elliott … Continue reading ‘The Hero’: Toast to a Legacy